The name is a coming together of a number of concepts –
– “Vir (Virtual) Sci (Scientific) Dian (Decisions)”
– The color “Viridian” where we also take the color of the V in our logo,
– The color green signifies a good result or substance found which was our first commercial product – Analytical Studio-Compound QC.


Virscidian was founded out of many years of laboratory experience and identifying, designing and implementing decision driven solutions to overcome low productivity, low quality of result at reasonable cost.

Our mission in succinct format is: “Deliver 100% of what you want.”

What does this mean?

Virscidian will ensure that the scientific analytical desktop and enterprise products, services and consultation that you purchase from us entirely meet or exceed your expectations.

Moreover, we want you to experience a true end-to-end workflow implementation with our software that reduces the impact of tedious manual operations and becomes a natural part of your daily activities. We expect you to get done what you need, rather than enabling you in one part and then making it difficult or impossible in others.

We hear time and time again that analytical scientists, chemists and biologists such as yourselves, typically have access too, or have tried some of the most powerful processing software and functionality available. We hear that some may work well for one sample but not for a large batches. We hear that it is necessary to manually enter tons of parameters and additional processing information just to get started and then finally having the reports only part of what you really want…

Our aim is ensure you do not suffer from these roadblocks with Virscidian products. Delivering 100% of what you want is about ensuring that our products are the tools that allow you to get things done properly and quickly. Where all inputs and outputs are in the right format enabling seamless working across your corporate systems. All this, without reducing the depth and quality of the most appropriate high performance processing capabilities that scale as you need to scale, packaged in a software interface that is not cluttered with lots of other irrelevant functionality, buttons, options and menus.

Whether you need one of our off-the-shelf products as is, with some additional customization or a totally new analytical processing tool we are happy to work with you to achieve success. Contact us for more information and details.

Desktop Product:
Analytical Studio-Compound QC™

Enterprise Product:
Analytical Studio-Express™
Analytical Studio-Instrument Agent™
Analytical Studio-Process Agent™

Hosted Solutions:
Analytical Studio™-Software Service