Elimination Of The LC/MS Data Analysis Workflow Bottlenecks In Substance QC

Laboratory Automation (ALA 2010), Palm Springs, CA, USA, 1st – 4th March 2010, Mark Bayliss, Joseph Simpkins

Previously, within our research and services as a Clinical Research Organization we were constantly challenged with how to accurately and reliably determine the presence or absence of target substances within minimal analyst intervention. Most of these types of studies were in […]

Elimination Of The LC/MS Data Analysis Worklfow Bottleneck Using Analytical Studio

Joseph Simpkins

Modern mass spectrometry labs usually contain instruments from multiple vendors generating data for hundreds to thousands of samples per day. The challenge facing most labs today is not data generation. Rather, it is data interpretation.How do labs keep from being buried under all of the data they can generate? We have implemented a software […]

An Interview With Kenneth Lewis Opans And Joseph Simpkins Virscidian

Joseph Simpkins, Kenneth Lewis

An interview with Kenneth and Joseph on running a CRO, the challenges and how Opans differentiates itself from other similar companies. Factors affecting the collection, storage and analysis of QC data…

Joseph Simpkins states:

“We have all of the raw data, all of the processed data, all of the results, all of the meta […]