Experiences And Details Of A High Throughput, Multi-User, Multiple Instrument Hardware Vendor Screening Solution For Library QC And Target Purification.

Laboratory Automation 2011, Palm Springs, CA January 29- February 2 2011, Mark Bayliss, Joseph Simpkins, Stephane Murphy, Martin Fuhr, Utz-Peter Jagusch, Josephine Archinal, Stefan Oberbörsch

Screening high volumes of analytical results for quality and consistency of results when it comes to library compound management QC, small to medium automated synthesis support and purification of targets is tedious and costly in terms of required experienced manpower. Our laboratories for analyzing incoming samples are comprised of a heterogeneous array of instrument types and instrument vendors. Our goals at the start of the project were multi-fold. Improve quality of results, reduce the number of false positive results, reduce the number of samples requiring manual reprocessing, and decrease the throughput time from initial QC, purification and post purification QC. Automate the processing of raw data and to create a single consistent output of results that are integrated with our existing inter/intra departmental workflows and corporate infra-structure. In this presentation we would like to share our practical experiences in achieving our primary goals, some of the challenges that we faced prior to implementing the automated approach and how the new workflow has impacted the departmental workflow in a positive way. Already we have seen the cycle time from initial QC of samples to final QC of purified fractions reduced from a variable number of days to around 24 hours.