Automated Multi-Compound Targeted Screening

Do you wish you could…

  • Reliably screen wide ranges of target molecules in complex matrices?
  • Attain sub-ppm mass accuracy in your substance screening?
  • Greatly simplify the extraction of your raw data?


Virscidian’s Analytical Studio-Compound QC™

  • An automated solution for High Resolution LC/MS Targeted Screening.
  • Can deliver sub-ppm mass accuracies in better than 95% of cases.
  • Decreases false positives by dynamically minimizing data extraction windows.
  • Determines how to reduce your data by itself.


  • Increases the mass accuracy of your results.
  • Reduces false positives.
  • Provides a front-line targeted screening solution for your samples.
  • Allows you to focus more time on target result validation experiments.

Desktop Product:
Analytical Studio-Process Chemistry™

Enterprise Product:
Analytical Studio-Express™
Analytical Studio-Instrument Agent™
Analytical Studio-Process Agent™

Hosted Solutions:
Analytical Studio™-Software Service