Automated Chromatographic Method Selection

Do you wish you could…

  • Choose your chiral and achiral purification methods as soon as the analytical data is available?
  • Make your decisions based on multiple parameters?
  • Make structure driven method choices?
  • Build your structure enabled method selection database as you publish your results?


Analytical Studio-Process Chemistry™ allows you to

  • Make the best method decision based on retention time, chromatographic peak shape, co-elution of impurities, resolution from closest impurities and column bias.
  • Visually compare the automatically selected methods alongside a ranked list of all analyzed results.
  • Manually override the best method choice when your chemists prefer a specific set of conditions.
  • Further streamline your purification operations.
  • Stores your decisions for future use when separating similar structural classes


  • Uses an approach that closely mimics scientific selection criteria.
  • Can be used as a knowledge based for future method selection using structure searching.
  • Vendor independent workflow automation.

Desktop Product:
Analytical Studio-Process Chemistry™

Enterprise Product:
Analytical Studio-Express™
Analytical Studio-Instrument Agent™
Analytical Studio-Process Agent™

Hosted Solutions:
Analytical Studio™-Software Service