Automated Compound QC

Do you wish you could…

  • Process your LC/UV/ELSD/CAD/MS Compound QC raw data accurately and consistently from all the major instrument vendors in the same software environment?
  • Review only the sample results that really need reviewing?
  • Create consistent reports for all your instruments?
  • Integrate your Compound QC Screening process seamlessly into your natural laboratory workflow?
  • Automatically publish your results to your internal informatics environments and project teams?


Virscidian’s Analytical Studio-Compound QC software workflow solutions offer . . .

  • An instrument vendor independent environment that has been optimized for the needs of large-scale Compound QC Screening activities.
  • Accurate and consistent processing of original instrument raw data using state of the art peak picking and baselining algorithms.
  • Automatically flagged results that require analyst or chemist review for true review-by-exception.
  • Add comments automatically that mimic the ones you add manually.
  • Consistent reporting options where results can be communicated effortlessly and automatically to your informatics systems and project teams.
  • Time savings in sample throughput of better than 65%.
  • Example productivity increases of more than 500% in fully automated and integrated environments.
  • Quality of Result-by-design and six sigma enabling functionality.


  • Better than 98% accuracy compared with manual QC
  • More than 500,000 compounds/yr/FTE
  • Automated results commenting
  • Increased organizational content

Desktop Product:
Analytical Studio-Compound QC™

Enterprise Product:
Analytical Studio-Express™
Analytical Studio-Instrument Agent™
Analytical Studio-Process Agent™

Hosted Solutions:
Analytical Studio™-Software Service