Automated Purification

Do you wish you could…

  • Fully interact with your fraction results data at the scan-by-scan level?
  • Reduce the time to validate which fractions to select or pool?
  • Increase your purification sample throughput?


Analytical Studio’s-Compound QC™ Screening platform offers…

  • You to choose the best hardware for the job through instrument vendor independence.
  • Review your results interactive and apply your decision making using all your analytical data.
  • Evaluate fraction homogeneity using LC/MS componentization.




  • End-to-end workflow enables for workflow process improvements.
  • Instrument vendor independence allows for selection of best in class instrumentation.

Desktop Product:
Analytical Studio-Compound QC™

Enterprise Product:
Analytical Studio-Express™
Analytical Studio-Instrument Agent™
Analytical Studio-Process Agent™

Hosted Solutions:
Analytical Studio™-Software Service